Internal-Only Boxes Are Here!

We launched two new features that let you limit who can respond to your box.

You now have the option of password-protecting your box and/or restricting it to visitors with specific IP addresses. Both features are available under “Box Restrictions” in the “This Box” menu.

From the “Box Restrictions” window, you can enable one or both restrictions. By default, neither are enabled.


HUGE Feature Updates Including Multiple Boxes Per Account and Box Managers

We’re proud to announce the addition of several HUGE feature updates we launched today.

#1: Multiple boxes under the same account. There’s a new “Your Other Boxes” menu in your box management area. From there, you can instantly create new boxes and automatically login to the other boxes you’ve created. Each new box will have it’s own password, but as long as you switch between them using that menu, you’ll only need one password.

This has been a highly requested feature by larger organizations that want the ease of controlling several boxes from one screen.

#2: Box Managers. You can now assign a “manager” to view and reply to your submissions. The manager cannot change or customize the box. To add or delete a manager, simply select “Manage Users” from the “This Box” menu. All you need is their email address, and they’ll receive a welcome email with a unique password.

#3: Change Box Email and Title. From the “This Box” drop down menu, you can now change your box’s title and the email address associated with it.



Big Feature Updates – HTML Forms & Custom Logos

We’re proud to announce two major Corpell Anonymous Box feature updates launched in the past week:

#1: Embed code. We now provide HTML embed code so you can place your answer page within your website. It functions as a slide-out form, located in the upper left side of your web page. Now it’s easier than ever to collect feedback, tips, or suggestions from your website visitors. To see it in action, visit To download the HTML code, login to your box and select This Box > Get Website Code.

#2: Custom Logos. You can now provide your own logo for your answer page, giving you more control over branding. To upload your logo, login to your box and select This Box > Customize Logo.