What is Corpell Anonymous Box?

We like to call Corpell Anonymous Box “one of the most versatile online tools” because it’s so much more than an online suggestion box. The problem is, we’ve been calling it a “suggestion box” because it’s difficult to find a more appropriate way to describe it. That’s where we can use your help. In the comments below — or on Facebook — tell us how you would describe in Corpell Anonymous Box in 5 words or less.

Here’s a partial list of what Corpell Anonymous Box can be used for:

  • Employee feedback
  • Internal/external company feedback & suggestions
  • School/daycare feedback
  • Professor/teacher feedback
  • Restaurant/local business suggestions
  • Anonymous social media feedback (e.g. “Do I share too much personal information”)
  • News/media tips
  • Law enforcement/community watch crime tips
  • Website feedback (for bugs, feature requests, or general suggestions)
  • Personal feedback
  • E-mail feedback (goes to either the person or manager)

This, of course, is an evolving list and will get bigger over time.