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Enter your question at Your online suggestion box link is automatically created, and you are sent instructions on how to view your responses.

Step 2

Your respondents securely reply by visiting your online suggestion box link. They can optionally leave an e-mail address for a reply from you. Our system hides their e-mail address.

Step 3

View your responses and reply to those who want to be contacted. Our system hides their e-mail address and relays the message for you.

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Perfect for:

Office or Group Surveys

"Do you think our CEO is going a little overboard?"

Community Watches or Law Enforcement

"Do you have any information on a late model blue sedan seen prowling around 5th and Western? "

Social Media

"Do I post too many photos of my son?"

So many more uses...

School/daycare feedback, news outlets (for anonymous tips), restaurant/business feedback...

Free during beta!

Simple dashboard

Sort and view your responses instantly

Security pledge:

We want to make sure your respondents feel safe responding to your question,
so we've taken several steps to safeguard their anonymity, including:

We use 128-bit SSL encryption (just like banks)

We encrypt and never display their email address (if they provide one)

We do not retain log files for longer than 24 hours

More on our Security Pledge